"Product innovation has been at the heart of JAC Products from its beginning and remains so today. Proprietary elements of our products provide value added differentiation for our customers’ vehicles. This point of differentiation is recognized and valued by consumers. Our ability to design and build innovative products with the stylish integration of extruded, molded, and roll formed components, in unique combinations, is one significant way in which JAC Products enables our customers to achieve their specific vision for each vehicle. The execution of a well-conceived business plan is at the heart of our performance, and the relentless pursuit of improvement in all aspects of our work is key to maintaining our market leadership position." - Mike Wood


President and CEO

Mike Wood joined the organization in 2011 as Chief Operating Officer. Mike successfully led the transformation of the manufacturing and operations functions of the business, and in October of 2014, became Chief Executive Officer as predecessor Jack Falcon stepped into the Board Chairman role. Mike is responsible for the overall management, growth, and success of the business. He is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the company’s long-term strategy with a vision to create shareholder value. In addition to setting the tone and direction of our company culture, Mike personally leads the activities of the Marketing & Sales, Product Engineering, Finance, and Human Resources functions of the business. Leading the senior management staff, Mike retains overall responsibility for the operational and financial achievements of the business.

Mike Gallico

Vice President Human Resources & Administration

Mike Gallico has been with JAC Products since 2011 when he joined the leadership team. Mike led the redesign of many current human resource practices and the introduction of process and program enhancements that have positively impacted our work environment and our organizational performance. He is responsible for all the programs related to ensuring that we have the necessary, capable talent, an engaging work environment, competitive and cost-effective benefit.


Chief Operating Officer

Stuart McRobbie joined JAC Products in March of 2017. Although new to the company, he brings extensive automotive experience to the JAC Products and a broad Operations background. Stuart is responsible for the overall operational performance of the organization including production, purchasing, materials management, program management, quality assurance, manufacturing engineering, and continuous improvement. He is focused on driving process excellence throughout the supply chain, in our manufacturing plants, and with our key supplier partners in order to deliver the right products, on time, the right quality, and at the right cost. 

Gordon Michie

VP Advanced Product Development 

Gordon Michie joined JAC Products in 1999. With management experience in the JAC Products Program and Account Managment, Continuous Improvement, and Product Engineering functions, Gord has extensive background with our customers and our products. After leading the global Product Engineering activity for several years, he assumed responsibility for leading and expanding our Advanced Product Development team in 2016. 

Alex Hall

Director Product Engineering

Alex Hall joined JAC Products in 2011 as a Project Engineering Manager within the North American Product Engineering Department. In 2015, Alex was appointed Global Director of Product Engineering. His responsibilities include the overall design and engineering of all production products, our manufacturing site resident engineering function, corporate warranty, as well as the leadership of all VAVE activities across the company. Alex is focused on design and development excellence, and consistency across all regions as we expand our global footprint in customer support. 

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